At a campfire with friends of K.........

K: What are you guys playing?

Harley: I'm supposed to be playing Kart Kingdom, but this one Karter keeps kicking my butt.

Del: Is it TheK27?

Harley: Yeah, TheK27.

K: Who is TheK27?

Del: Some say TheK27 is the first Kart Kingdom player ever, born from the Mega Jetpack gadget.

Dee: I heard TheK27, can hurl a kart from the bottom of The Deep, to the top of Mount Snow.

Del: I heard TheK27 once defeated an entire army of evil Karters (like those existed) with a single blow.

Harley: But the worst part is, just when you think you're safe, just when you think you might escape, WHAM! Just like that!

Your karts have been destroyed!

Harley: What? No, no no no, no no no!

Your friends are under attack!

Del: That's impossible!

Your account has been captured!

Dee: TheK27 just captured my account!

Del: Mine too!

K: Aw, you guys, I'm sure it's not that bad.

Harley: You have no idea what just happened.

K: I might have some idea. smirks and turns around

Welcome back TheK27.

Credits Edit

Harley as Himself

Dee as Herself

Del as Himself

K as Herself

??? as TheK27 (jk)

i'm sorry